Dings your drinks
and be the Winner!

Absolute Party Fun

Our free online party games guarantee party fun! With the new Dings app you can play and create online party games to play with friends. Stay updated with our real time insights to know who is the frontrunner of your party in various drinking challenges.

Memory Gap? - Use Dings!

It happens every now and then, that you'd look too deeply into the glass you'd no longer remember how the evening went? Not a problem. our app refreshes your memories with numerous statistics and features.

Gamification of your events

Gamification is becoming popular among people and businesses online. The concept is turning non-game events into a game using score systems, leaderboards, badges and more. Dings offers its users a unique experience to turn any event and job into a game. Dings offers great flexibility to create your own games. The app records any kind of competition and lets you challenge friends and share your progress with them.

Create your own game

With Dings you can have control over your events and tasks. Create your own game and set the rules and incentives for each task. You can then share your game with friends and start playing.

We new friends!