Life Is A Game… Play It!

With Dings app you can add more fun to your events and even turn boring tasks into a funny game.

Using Dings is very simple:

Create an account.

Choose a game you want to play from any category.

Start competing with your friends.

The games consist of a number of tasks and activities that you Dings (mark done) whenever completed. This is how you earn points, level up, and unlock awards.
But the Dings experience doesn’t end there. Actually, now the competition begins.
Our app creates leaderboards and shows the best Dingsters of each game. Dings also gives statistics about your activity and tells you where you stand among your competitors.

No Limits

Dings can be used in any activity or occasion. You can choose to play existing games from many categories, or you can even create your own games!

Create your own games

Create your own game and set the rules and incentives for each task. You can then share your game with friends and start playing.

Dings your Events

El Cazador is our drinking game that guarantees adding extra fun to your parties and gatherings.

Game rules?

When you drink, Dings. Voila, your start earning points
Our app will do the rest. We will notify your friends in the party when you drink and what you are drinking. Dings will also give statistics about who is the best drinker and what is the most used drink.


We appreciate the privacy of Dings players. You can keep your activity visible to the public or you can choose who can see your Dings. Games you create can also be public, private, or geo-restricted.

Dings your work

Dings can also be used to help you organize your team work and make it fun. Increase productivity by having your teammates Dings their tasks and compete on completing them. Create your game, assign points earned for each task, and we will tell the whole team who the employee of the week is.

Dings your daily routine

Ever had a problem deciding who will do the dishes? Or who's turn is it to walk the dog? We’ve got you. Just use our Homey game or create a game that suits your daily routine. Dings the house chore that you completed and know who is doing the most work or who’s turn is it to work next.

Dings Digi-Parties

If you are hosting a digital event, you can use our app to have better interaction with your audience.
This feature is the ultimate way to keep your audience engaged!

You can get live statistics of how your audience are interacting.
Here you also have unlimited possibilities.

Use the app in music virtual parties and have your audience Dings their drinks. The party will be virtual, but the drinking will be real!
You can also use Dings Digi-parties to get quick responses from the audience, or to just know how much they are linking your content at a specific moment.

This feature is only available for selected users.
If you will be hosting a digital party, you can send us a short brief of the event. We will contact qualified hosts and give them access to this feature for free.

我らが しんゆう!